Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

Image of choice
I've used Pin Up Toons
YOu can purchase from

Template and kit is by Yvette
You can download template 67
My Garden kit from here

Mask of choice

Open template
duplicate and close orginal

delete the copyright layer
click on background and go
to canvas size
flood fill white.
We can crop layer.

Open paper of choice from the kit
I used the purple paper
and apply mask of choice
merge group.

Now for circle 1 select all,float,defloat
add paper of choice as a new layer
invert and delete
Do the same for circle 3 using the same paper

Now repeat for circle 2 and 4. But use a different paper
I used the green and pink papers.
Delete the orginal circle layers

Now for square layers.
Do the same for each layer
Using same paper of choice for 1 and 3
and 2 and 4

Now for the frame layers.
Use colors from the papers you used on the square
I rotated blue and purple.
If the square was blue. I used purple for the frame

Now open the green flower.
Resize and place it in the middle of the first circle.
then again for the 3rd circle.

Open pink flower
resize and place in the middle of circles 2 and 4

Add your image or images
Now move the butterfly and flower that came with the template
to your liking.
Colorize as you wish.
I used green and pink
Also colorize the word art if you wish.

Now add any elements you wish from the kit
Add your name and copyrights.

Font I used is Rickles

Crop save and your done.

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