Thursday, May 16, 2013

HollyWood Diva

Supplies Needed

Scrap kit by Mz.Tee

Image of choice or the one I've used.
You can get it here.
It's by Elias

Xero -Radiance(this is optional)

Open 700 x 700

Take your preset shape 
and draw a rectangle 
color white.

duplicate it 2 times. 
and move them in a row.. 
Make the middle one lower than the others

Now take the first one 
select all,float,de float
copy and paste paper 4
invert and delete. 

Select none.

Click back on the rec layer
select all,float, de float 
contract by 3. 
and hit delete on you key board.
now move it up one,above the paper layer.
add glitter. 

Now repeat those steps for the next 2 rec layers. 

Now to add elements. 
I used
39( Hollywood Blvd.)

Now click back on your paper layer. 
Select all float, de float,
copy and paste your image,
adjust color.
hue and sat colorize set on 0

then change the blend mode to screen.
duplicate it and mirror

so you have one on the left and right rec..
but not the middle. 

Make sure your on the top layer and 
add your image,
your name and copyrights. 

**for my name I wrote it in black. 
then did it again in white. but moved the white over just a little. 
then added glitter. 

Drop shadow each layer. 

Merge visible. 
then add Radiance to the whole tag. 

I used these settings.
Strangeness 100
Charm 30
Truth 100
Beauty 200 

Save and your done.

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