Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hoppy Garv Easter

Hoppy Garv Easter

Image of choice. 
I've used Keith Garvey
I purchased mine from PTE 
there site is no longer available.
But you can purchase from

Kit of choice or the one I've used
It's Hoppy Easter by Melissa 
you can get it here.

Mask of choice. 

Template 220 by Millie. 
You can get it here.

Tut is simple and quick.

Open template duplicate
close the original.
Delete the credits layer. 

Open paper of choice from the kit,
Back to template
On layer 1 
select all float, de float
Paste paper,invert and hit delete on your keyboard. 

Select none. 
Delete original layer 1.

Now repeat this for the rest of the layers
(except for layers 8,9,10)

On layers 8,9,10
Delete them and open the eggs from the kit. 
Take your free hand tool and draw around the one you want to use. 
Copy and paste
do this for the other 2 egg layers. 

Add any elements you wish from the kit, mask
add your image,name and copyrights.
Delete the white background. 
Save and your done.

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