Sunday, March 27, 2011

Easter Bunny

Scrap kit
Easter Bunny By Kesha
You can get this kit from

This is a simple and quick tut!!

***Resize to your liking. I can't remember all my resizing lol***

Open 700x700
We can crop later.
From the kit
open fence
Duplicate mirror.
Join the together so there touching.
Merge down.

Open tree
resize place on left side of fence.
bird house
resize place on right side of fence
bird of choice.
resize and place on bird house.

Open leaf 2
resize and place in front of fence a few times.

Open bunnyweggs resize place in the middle.
open carrot,resize and place in front of bunny so it
looks like he's holding it.
rotate it a little.

open egg car
resize and place in front of tree.

Now open all the eggs,
I do remember these sizes lol
resize each egg 20% then 50%
rotate one egg left 15 and the other right 15.
Place along the front of the fence.

Open clouds,sun and rainbow.
resize each one. place above the fence.

On rainbow layer select all float defloat
copy and paste the stars over rainbow and
hit delete on your key board.

Drop shadow all layers but the
sun,clouds rainbow and stars.
DS i used is 1 1 60 5 black.

Add your name ,crop save and your done.

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