Saturday, November 13, 2010


Image of choice.
I've used ©PinUp's
you can purchase image and license at

Scrapkit RockaBilly Love by Kimberly

It can be done with out scrap.

Template I used is by Nicole
Template 22
YOu can get it here.

Font for name- Gill Sans My Condensed
For saying- Glider Girls

Animation is optional.

Open the Template and go to windows and duplicate it.
Close the orginal

Go ahead and add your image.

So you can match your colors.

Add a new layer and move it below doodle layer
Go to image and canvas size. 600x600
flood fill white. We can crop later.

On the doodle layer go to selections,select all and float-defloat
open paper of choice and paste as a new layer
and delete.
If you choose to do this with a color,after you select all-float-defloat-
add a new layer and flood fill with color of choice.
Select none.
Delete the orginal doodle layer.

Now Duplicate it and mirror

Repeat these steps for all the layers,remembering to delete the orginal layers.
One the small circle layer select all float-defloat,add your iamge again inside the circle,
invert and delete on your keyboard.
Move layer opacity down to 50.
Once your done drop shadow each layer.
On the rectangle layers to get the effect with out using a paper.
Just add your color and use the weave effect.

add your name,your saying over your name.
and copyrights.

Animation is up to you.
The example below is NOT animated.
But I animated the first one with Constellation effect.
If you choose to animate I used these settings

If you didnt animate crop and save your tag
If you animated,crop it in animation shop,view and save.

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