Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Love bug

Supplies Needed
Kit of choice or one I've used
Love Bug by MzTee
You can get it here

Image of choice or one I've used
I purchased from MPT but he is now selling

**Re size and drop shadow to your liking**
Open 650x650 
flood fill white
Copy and paste element 12 as a new layer
click in side heart and expand by 5

Copy and paste paper 2 as a new layer
invert delete,move below heart but keep selected,
copy and paste image delete 
select none.

Copy and paste 16 
re size and use deform tool to rotate to your liking
duplicate it ,mirror and place beside the other rose
erase part of the green stem

Open element 37 
re size
and place on top of roses

Open element 2
re size
and place to your liking

Open element 21
re size
and place behind the heart,paper and tube layers

Do the same with element 22 
but flip and mirror it.
So you can see both of the glitters

Add your name font I used is English
copyrights,and delete the white background

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