Thursday, December 9, 2010

Merry Christmas Forum Set

Image of choice I've used.
©Elias Chatzoudis.
You can purchase his work at

Paper and Snow flake of choice.
this is optional can be done with OUT any kits
Mine came from a kit by Vaybs
Get it here.

Open up a 650x650
Take your rectangle preset shape and draw out a rectangle to your liking
convert to raster
select all,float defloat
take paper of choice and paste as a new layer
invert and delete.
colorize to match your tube.
Delete the orginal rectangle layer.

Now select all,float defloat add a new layer
flood fill white or color of choice.
Now go to modify and contract to your liking.
I used 15,hit delete.
Now you should have a white border around your paper layer.

On the white border add inner bevel with these settings
Bevel 2
smoothness 20
Depth 1
Ambience 0
Shininess 0
Angle 315
Intensity 50
Elevation 27

If you don't like how it looks just play with the settings
Now duplicate it 2 times for a total of 3
Add glitter of choice to each layer
I used dsb flux noise

back to your preset shapes draw a thin recatangle with a
light color from your image
the same length as your rectangle layer
convert to raster
Drop the opacity to your liking.

Put your saying in there. I put Merry Christmas.
Add glow and glitter to the saying.

Add your image.
name and copyrights.
and any other pretties you want to the tag.
I used some snowflakes

Close off top to layers of the border
copy merge and paste in animation shop
back to psp close off that layer
and open the 2nd one copy merge and paste AFTER current frame in animation shop
Do the same for the 3rd one.

veiw save and your done.

For the Avatar do the same as above but open a new 150x150
and play with the contract settings.

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